MacKeeper - Best Malwarebytes for Mac Alternative

  • Anti-Virus/Malware - This Malwarebytes for Mac alternative comes with an industry-leading anti-virus and anti-malware engine for Mac OS X. It can detect and remove both Mac OS and Windows viruses.
  • Internet Security - MacKeeper knows that the Internet is the most vulnerable place for Mac security. So it puts you first and blocks potentially dangerous automatically, while lets you visit 100% trusted websites like normal.
  • File Backup/Recovery - Sometimes, virus may damage or remove your files. This Malwarebytes for Mac OS X substitute can help you get back lost files as long as the files have not been overwritten by new files. With MacKeeper, It's easy to create a schedule to backup your files to external storage media.
  • Speed Up Your Mac - Does your Mac become slower and slower? Now speed up your Mac in 5 minutes by cleaning up log files, cache files, unneeded parts of application, unused language files, etc.
  • 16-in-1 Toolkits - It's not only an anti-virus and anti-malware software, but also a swiss-army-knife for Mac maintenance. You'll also find data encryptor, duplicates remover, disk usage, file shredder, smart uninstaller, login items, etc.
  • Geek on Demand - Besides the Live chat and toll-free phone call support, you can also expect expert assistance for all your technical question. Just describe your problem in details and you'll get a solution in 48 hours.
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100 Million Users Worldwide

MacKeeper supports 18 languages and it's marvelous features attract over 100 million satisfied customers all over the world.

Most review and download websites have given MacKeeper 5-star or top rating, like CNET, Tucows, Brothersoft, Topshareware, Softpedia, PCWorld, and so on.

Some MacKeeper Awards!

Best Antivirus Software by

From "The Apple computer market is now sufficiently large to attract attention from organized crime. Sorry, Mac users, but the party is over. Apple says you must install virus protection for Mac. All of the products in our review are excellent. They really are. They are the top ten. Kromtech's MacKeeper, however, is the best Mac antivirus because of test-lab performance results, a feature set that kills and buries competitors, and impressive customer support."